Nursing Home Abuse

Placing a family member or loved one in a nursing home is a tough decision, and the thought of nursing home abuse only compounds the emotional difficulty.  If you feel that your loved one has been a victim of abuse or neglect, you need to take action now.  Your courage now helps your loved one and could help prevent future incidents with other elders. 

Issues to look for when identifying Nursing Home Abuse:

  • Does your family member have injuries or show physical signs of neglect?
  • Are your family member complaints insistent and frequent?
  • Do they complain about specific staff members?
  • Has your loved one displayed unusual behavior changes?

General Signs of Abuse, Physical Abuse and Neglect

  • Staff refuses to allow visitors to see resident, or delays in allowing visitors to see resident
  • Staff does not allow visitors to be alone with resident
  • Frequent arguments or tension between the caregiver and resident
  • Unexplained new or frequent injuries such as bruises, burns, cuts or broken bones
  • Bloody or stained clothing
  • Complaints about painful blisters or abrasions
  • Bedsores
  • Weakness or inexplicable weight loss
  • Constant thirst or extremely dry skin
  • Hazardous or unsafe living conditions
  • Over Medication
  • Sudden personality changes
  • Uncharacteristic anger, lack of interest, or anxiety
  • Fear of being alone
  • Overwhelming sadness and frequent crying
  • Change in alertness
  • Rude or humiliating comments by staff

Call now so we can help.

Your decision to respond could help others.  If you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect and when you are ready to speak with a lawyer, call Shaw Law Firm for a free consultation about your legal rights.

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